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Letter: Child would be disciplined for behaving as Trump does

Child would be disciplined for behaving as Trump does

Picture a second-grade Donald Trump. It’s not all that hard to do. Would Little Don: Grab the best food from his classmates’ plates at mealtime? Insist on answering all the teacher’s questions himself, and talk over any classmates trying to get their two cents in? Have his own mean nicknames for every other kid in the class? Make fun of the child who wears glasses, or who stutters? Toss spitballs, or maybe pummel classmates with funny colored skin? Complain about the unfair words the teacher chose for the spelling test? If you answered “yes” to all of the above, then I know we are talking about the same person!

What would happen to Little Don in the second grade? Wouldn’t he be forced to sit quietly in a corner, over and over, by the teacher? If he failed to improve, wouldn’t he find himself spending a lot of time at the principal’s office? Wouldn’t his parents get called in for a conference or two? Would you be surprised to learn that a child like this was eventually expelled from school?

So here’s the question: Why would behavior that is totally unacceptable in a second-grader be looked upon as praiseworthy in a grown man, one who is (amazingly) a finalist for the highest office in the land? Could we ever again look our own bullied children in the face, if we cast our ballots for one of the most obnoxious bullies ever to stump for office?

Grant Golden, M.D.


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