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Letter: Canada must address long delays at bridges

Canada must address long delays at bridges

For the past 25 years, I’ve been going to Canada at least four days a week, especially on the weekend. The Customs officers are smart, efficient and polite. The Canadian bridge managers fall woefully short.

Officials say staff shortages are to blame for the backups. If union people have a contract that says they get vacation time, make sure you still have enough staff to take care of your business.

On July 17, regular travelers, vacationers and hundreds of bikers to an annual Toronto outing found only one booth open until 9 a.m., when three more were opened. On a Sunday, with an annual outing everyone was aware of, there was a backup of close to an hour.

This past Sunday, three booths were open – two for the left inbound lane and one for the right lane, a truck and Nexus lane. The left lane moved quicker with two booths, but the right lane crawled.

Now, if you want to encourage people to use Nexus, why not have two booths open on the right to move trucks and Nexus faster? And if a biker has Nexus, he is a “trusted traveler” and there is no need for the inspector to quiz him for two to three minutes. If there is a question, send him over for a secondary inspection. This is government at work. Maybe the fellow who said common sense isn’t so common anymore was right.

Whitey Nichols


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