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Power Take: Listenbee, Goodwin could give Bills no speed limit

Here’s my vote for the two most interesting players to watch during Bills training camp: Kolby Listenbee and Marquise Goodwin. Let’s face it: Preseason is not going to tell us much about most of the key players on the team. You have to see what you’ve got when the real games start. But it would be a very big deal if one of these two steps up and has a great camp. They’re the two fastest players on the team. They can blow the top off the defense. Can either one stay healthy? Can Listenbee pick up the offense quickly as a rookie?

Defensive coordinators are going to play a safety over the top of Sammy Watkins a lot. But if Listenbee or Goodwin is a legitimate threat on the other side, opposing defensive coordinators will experience extreme pucker factor. I have to defend elite speed on both sides of the field? And I have to worry about LeSean McCoy’s elite speed? If the defense has to respect all three of those speed options, it will be as if the field is 70 yards wide and 120 yards long. It would give Buffalo a critical mass of elite speed.

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