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Letter: We must do a better job helping nation’s veterans

We must do a better job helping nation’s veterans

Veterans lives matter, too! Only select members of our community choose to go and fight for us, so we can live our American dreams safely and freely.

We usually see the videos of their families cheering for them on their return, or we clap for them during our favorite sporting events.

Unfortunately, we are not doing much more for our true heroes, and you rarely hear about this in the media. Every day, on average, 22 military persons take their lives. Some veterans and members who are currently serving in military forces feel overwhelmed with dealing with day-to-day life and sadly feel that taking their own life is the only solution.

This is not true, though, and we must let these beautiful people and their families know that. Their lives matter. We appreciate what they’ve done and we will be there for them if and when they need us.

I encourage others to get involved with local veteran and military organizations to help our heroes.

Anas Mangla

Niagara Falls

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