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Letter: Trump does not have our interests at heart

Trump does not have our interests at heart

I have been watching Donald Trump speak to his supporters, drumming up anger and fear. He cities crimes and terror, xenophobic fear of immigrants, blames President Obama for racism and Hillary Clinton for every war that happened.

He makes simple promises that appeal to his supporters and says, “believe me.” On Jan. 20, 2017, Trump promises trillions of dollars will pour into our economy and he will fix everything.

What specifically struck me in last week’s speech was his calling out corporate interests whose money he says controls Clinton’s agenda. Trump says he wakes up every morning thinking about the American people. When did that happen? On his 69th birthday, when he decided to ride down the elevator with paid actors to announce his candidacy for president?

The Trump name is what Trump sells – naming rights to products, perceived status, entry to careers via his fake university and golf courses. His presidential run has only increased his name recognition, his most valuable asset, around the world. His family continues to open hotels worldwide.

As a candidate, he is using his money to further his own ambitions and wealth. He admits contributing money to influence other politicians in the past (including Clinton) and now he is using his money to further his own power and economic status. How can people believe he has our interests at heart? I don’t believe him.

Marilyn Cantor Feuerstein

East Amherst

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