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Great ideas are rewarded in Niagara Falls

NIAGARA FALLS – Have you have been dreaming up a great idea to make Niagara Falls’ north end, safer, greener or healthier, but don’t have the money to make your dream a reality.

“In Our Backyard,” a nonprofit, crowd-resourcing platform, will be offering matching fund grants to make these dreams come to life.

The Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge will support citizen ideas in nine selected communities across New York State, including Niagara Falls, providing a $100,000 in matching grants throughout the state.

Grants are designed to improve access to healthy affordable food, promote walking, biking or exercise, and educate neighbors about health choices.

In Our Backyard will help winners plan, crowd fund and carry out their projects. They will also train leaders in project planning and online fundraising.

“Our major goal in the Create a Niagara Falls Collaborative is to build the capacity of residents to lead the city, their neighborhoods and their families to create a safe place to live, work and play,” wrote Shelley Hirshberg, board chair and facilitator of the Create a Healthier Niagara Falls Collaborative.

To date, In Our Backyard has helped over 800 project leaders nationwide to raise $2.5 million for projects to make their communities, healthier, greener, safer - and more liveable.

Applications for grants are due by Monday at

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