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Letter: Trump knows how to play the system

Trump knows how to play the system

Donald Trump is the master of the rigged system he complains about so very often. His million-dollar “gift” from his father was part of the rigged system; his five deferments to avoid military service were also part; his four bankruptcies were another part; his failed marriages and divorces also were a part of the system; his many failed deals and name licensing are part of the system; and he rigged the primaries so he could win the hard-core right-wing base! He is really part of the gaming system that leaves many victims with all the profits to Trump.

It is one thing to lose a few dollars at a casino, it is another to destroy the entire economy of the United States and get our sons and daughters killed in another unnecessary war when Trump and his children are sheltered at home.

When you go to vote, vote for the financial and physical lives of your children and grandchildren.

Joseph M. Yonder


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