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If you want fries with that, try these Buffalo innovations

French fries may have been perfected in Belgium, or France, depending on which nation’s food partisans you believe. But there is no dispute that french fries owe their existence to America, at least in the continental sense. For it was in present-day South America, specifically Peru and Bolivia, that the potato was first domesticated. In the 16th century, Spanish conquistadors took the tuber back to Europe as part of their plunder from the New World. There, someone cut them into batons and fried them in oil, for one of the great advances in human foodstuffs. Crispy, salty, golden brown and delicious, fries have proved able foundations for remarkable fries-plus dishes in Western New York. From classics to originals, here’s some of the most inspiring spuds in town. | See Pages C4-5

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