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Explaining Bills psychology at the Democratic Convention

Party conventions are a huge networking events. High-profile politicians, low-profile politicians, policy advocates and business lobbyists mill together in an unending stream of parties and meetings. But the best celebrity sightings are often inadvertent.

County Executive Mark Poloncarz recalled hanging out at his hotel bar Tuesday night with fellow New York delegates and suddenly hearing someone call out, “Hey, Buffalo! Come over here.”

The hail came from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who noticed that Poloncarz’s convention credentials were hanging off a Buffalo Bills lanyard.

“He may have had security, but you wouldn’t have known it,” Poloncarz said.

As in many other ordinary instances where two strange men hunt for an agreeable conversation topic, McAuliffe and Poloncarz talked about football.

Gov. McAuliffe asked for Poloncarz’s thoughts on how the Bills would do this year and whether they would make the playoffs. Poloncarz responded the way most frustrated Bills fans have been conditioned to think about their team: He said that while he wants this to be the Bills' year, he wouldn't get his hopes up because it hurts too much when they fail.

McAuliffe responded, “I don’t know if I can understand what you’re going through.”

No wonder. Like many Virginians, McAuliffe follows the Washington Redskins, which has made the playoffs four times since 2005, including last year.

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