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Who cares most about Hillary breaking 'the glass ceiling'? (Not China or Russia)

It's not a surprise that the United States tops the list of countries searching the Internet for "Hillary Clinton" today.

She was the country's first woman nominated for president by a major political party on Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Our "neighbours" to the north placed second, according to Google Trends data.

Also, that's probably not much of a surprise.

As for the rest of the list?

Check it out:


The rest of the Top Ten, rounded out include: Kenya, Singapore, Ireland, Nigeria, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden and Hong Kong.

North America's other nation - Mexico - came in 18th place.

Israel placed 23rd.

Despite suspicions Russia leaked a host of Democratic National Committee's emails late last week that turned the early part of the convention on its head, the former Cold War adversary showed barely any interest, according to the data.

Out of the 42 countries listed, Russia came in 37th.

And, China wasn't even on the map.

It was unclear how much government restrictions over the Internet may have played roles in those figures, however.




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