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Letter: Convention exposed some ugly realities

Convention exposed some ugly realities

There is a difference between unity of a party and unity of the United States, and even more so the world. We know there are evil people in the world; there always have been and always will be. The president needs to be not just a president of a party but a president for all.

I have seen nothing in the Republican National Convention that is uniting – only divisive. No one goes it alone in this world unless unwisely advised, ignorant or psychopathic. And frankly, the children of a person running for president are not the best judges of character. Even dictators love and protect their children above all else.

I have admired politicians of both parties, but wish for a more functional government – liberty and justice for all! Politics has become divisive and often self-serving. Politicians forget they have a responsibility to all constituents, not just to those of their chosen party, let alone the world.

The convention was horrifying in the attacks and words that people on the floor and some from the stage vomited up. It did not represent what makes America great. It revealed a very ugly underbelly of hate and prejudice, let alone ignorance.

While I believe that Donald Trump is very unfit to be president, what is equally concerning is those who have been super schmoozed by the self-declared “Art of the Deal” into believing he has any answers at all. Really we need to ask: Who is the deal for?

Marlene Longdon


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