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Letter: Search for balanced leaders is sadly coming up short

Search for balanced leaders is sadly coming up short

Why the continuous blame game and scapegoating being played politically at this time of crisis in our country? Do we have any leaders who can help find common ground? Some bridges cannot be unburned by vicious rhetoric and vitriol. However, do we want to have a country that is so split that we can’t even show one another basic human respect and compassion?

Public debate and airing of differences is what has made the United States great and a model for other countries. But the current “scorch and burn” and political anger on all sides is threatening our precious freedom. Demonizing the “other side” only serves to lose the pieces of a better alternative.

My vote for any public office in these complicated times, including president, will be for the one who can share a vision of unity and working together, not driving us further apart. Are there any balanced leaders out there? What is it going to take to get one?

Max Donatelli


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