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Letter: Republicans, delegates prove why America is in disarray

Republicans, delegates prove why America is in disarray

I see Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., claims the Democrats are the dysfunctional party because they blocked a couple of bills he wanted.

Isn’t he the poster boy for dysfunction? Isn’t he the senator who said from Day One of Obama’s presidency that he would not cooperate or vote on anything Obama wanted? McConnell is the best example for term limits.

Then the Republicans complain because Obama has to resort to executive orders to get things done. Presidents should have the right to force a vote on bills so the people can see who votes, yes or no.

Flipping to the Republican National Convention, it was incredible to note that these delegates forgot their first responsibility: to vote as the people of their district voted. Not as they see fit. If the candidate has the pledged voted delegates, it is game over. Only if a candidate does not have the numbers are they allowed, on the second turn, to vote as they see fit. This is why people are so fed up with government. Why have primaries?

To think this garbage is just starting.

Dave Ruzzine


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