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Letter: Obama’s leadership created a dangerous environment

Obama’s leadership created a dangerous environment

Responding to the ambush murder of police officers in Dallas, President Obama acknowledged the inadequacy of his words to bring about lasting change. (From the bang of hope and change we now have but a whimper.) He spoke rightly of the impossible odds that have been overcome, not by him, but by courageous Americans of all colors and religions who began expunging the evil of segregation 50 years before his presidency. Human nature being what it is, the work is ongoing.

However, the fault lines that remain are being exploited by the elite he has brought to power and Americans are being incited to label as haters and bigots fellow citizens who speak out against their agenda. In particular, public exercise of religious belief (in Obama parlance, those who cling to their Bibles) is increasingly being suppressed. Inflamed by an accommodating media, social tensions have been exacerbated to levels of unprecedented proportions. The ongoing violent attacks against the law and order upon which our society stands is but one symptom.

The legacy of Obama’s presidency is a confused and deeply divided nation which is now forced to choose as his successor from two of the worst candidates imaginable: one, a pompous ideologue; the other, a disgraced secretary of state who betrayed her ambassador, her military and her nation’s secrets. Pray for our country.

Anthony V. Stockus

Major, USAF, Retired


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