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Letter: Candidates’ worldview makes this an easy choice for voters

Candidates’ worldview makes this an easy choice for voters

After the truck massacre in Nice, Bill O’Reilly had Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on his show. If anyone ever wanted a clearer picture of who is the most qualified candidate for president, this was example A.

First Trump called in and laid out his plan for defeating terror. First (and most important, I’m guessing, because he repeated it more than once) was to get President Obama to say the phrase “radical Islam.” His second plan was to be tougher and smarter than the current administration because he is, you know, the law and order candidate. Hillary, on the other hand, laid out detailed plans with many well thought out specifics.

A number of times, O’Reilly tried to take her in a different direction, but she steadfastly held to her plans, which included (but were not limited to) expanding security worldwide, using NATO more effectively (I believe that Trump may or may not, perhaps depending on which day of the week it is, want the United States to get out of NATO) and even her role in anti-terror as secretary of state.

If you didn’t see this show when it was on, I highly recommend that you go online and watch it. Unless, of course, you don’t really care about what each candidate thinks about one of the more important issues of this election.

Richard Piechowicz


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