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City Hallways (July 25) Here's what Moselle sidewalks looked like

See for  yourself

I saw a reader comment posted on last week's story about Moselle Street sidewalks suggesting The Buffalo News publish pictures showing what the sidewalks looked like before the city began replacing them.

I did take some, and I'd say the reader is correct, the photos give context to Shannon Anderson's explanation of why she was walking in the street the day her baby was killed.


This is community activist Taniqua Simmons walking on Moselle Street, in front of a vacant lot. This is an example of the problem, according to Fillmore Councilman Franczyk. Years ago, demolition companies destroyed sidewalks in front of houses they were knocking down, he said. The city didn't force the companies to fix the sidewalks, and the city - until  now - didn't repair the sidewalks either.                                                                                                                                     

The is the sidewalk at the point where the accident occurred, when Shannon Anderson (in print pants) and her aunt were walking in the street with Anderson's baby, Nyree. The car hit the three then jumped the curb and hit the street (you can see what is left of the treet.)

This is the sidewalk at the point where the accident occurred, when Shannon Anderson (in black shirt and print pants) and her aunt were walking in the street - near the curb, Anderson said - with Anderson's baby, Nyree. The car hit the three, then jumped the curb and hit a tree (you can see what is left of the tree.).                                                                        

sidwealk 4IMG_6346

This is Shannon Anderson, 23,  standing near a memorial made in memory of Nyree, who was 7-months old. The memorial is a couple lots from where the accident occurred, placed in front of one of the vacant lots.

By the way, the sidewalk problem isn't just on Moselle. After Friday's press conference when Mayor Brown announced new sidewalks for Moselle Street, I road around the neighborhood. Sidewalks on some nearby streets are in good shape, but on parts of others - Kehr and Fougeron stand out in my mind  - the sidewalks in front of vacant lots are as bad as or worse than on Moselle.

More sidewalks, says Assemblywoman

Mayor Brown on Friday said the city is repairing the Moselle sidewalks - a $100,000 job - with an  additional $2.5 million Buffalo recently received for road and sidewalk improvements.  Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes secured $1.5 million of those funds funds.

A few hours after Friday's sidewalk announcement, I saw Brown and Peoples-Stokes in City Hall. They just returned from another press conference, this one to announce an update on Fruit Belt parking.

Brown said the $1.5 million Peoples-Stokes secured will be spent within in the assemblywoman's district, and that the city will defer to Peoples-Stokes on how the funds should be spent.

On sidewalks, Peoples-Stokes responded.

Having decent sidewalks, she said, is a quality -of-life issue.

Democrat week

Could be strangely quiet in City Hall this week, with both Mayor Brown and his deputy mayor, Betsey Ball, already in Philadelphia for the Democratic convention.

Others in City Hall will likely be going later in the week, getting there in time for Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech Thursday.

The Philly Files

The Buffalo News' Bob McCarthy and Jerry Zremski are in Philadelphia keeping up with all the political goings on for us.

Today's Calendar Items

Local party and event promoters invited to City Hall this afternoon by Council President Pridgen for a meeting on what they are planning in the Entertainment District.

Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority meets this afternoon.

University Councilman Wyatt holding community meeting to update residents on tree removal at Shoshone Park. Meeting 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Gloria Parks Center,  3242 Main St.

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