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Letter: Trump is trying to lose this November’s election

Trump is trying to lose this November’s election

Why is Donald Trump running for president, yet doing his best to lose? He has repeatedly insulted women, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and Jews. He continues to do so when, if these groups are against you, no presidential candidate can win. But a candidate can win the Republican nomination with only the white male vote. Why would Trump want the Republican nomination but not want to be president? So Hillary Clinton can win.

Clinton is hated by many people already. Plus she has real questions of trust for some very inappropriate things she has done. Against a respected Republican opponent she would never win the presidency. Against Trump she may win; if Trump continues this way she will win.

Reality: Clinton can win only if she has a Trump-type Republican to run against. Reality: Trump has been a supporter and friend of the Clintons for years. Reality: Trump is on record saying he could win the Republican primary by manipulating the Republican electors (said when he was a Democrat).

Listen to Trump, listen to his repeated insults of so many groups of people while he is running for president. Is Trump this stupid or is he smart enough to win the Republican primary and knowingly lose the election?

Now this is a conspiracy theory!

Jeff Milsten


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