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Letter: Black lives matter; so do the lives of everyone else

Black lives matter; so do the lives of everyone else

I get upset when I see all the news about Black Lives Matter protests, which sometimes turn into riots. Of course black lives matter but so do police lives, Asian lives, Native American lives, Hispanic lives, Jewish lives, Muslim lives, Christian lives, etc. All lives matter. And emphasizing one above the others only divides us further rather than helping to unite us to ensure that such tragedies as occurred in Louisiana and Minnesota do not happen again.

We are all members of the same human race and we must all look out for each other and do our best to see that all people receive fair and just treatment. We all make mistakes that we regret, but we must learn from them and not use them as justification for making more mistakes.

What we need is a more universal nationwide training program for police and all law enforcement personnel on the use of deadly force during such tense shoot-don’t shoot situations.

With better training, someday such incidents will hopefully be merely footnotes in historical documents.

Ellis Delahoy


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