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Power Take: It makes sense for Jets, Fitz to compromise on deal

Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets hit an impasse months ago when the quarterback turned down a three-year deal reportedly worth $24 million, about half of which was guaranteed in the first year. It’s good money for anyone but especially a guy like Fitz at this stage of his career.

Common sense suggests he should accept the offer and report to training camp, a possibility that still exists. But it’s equally possible that Fitz will let time do its work and put pressure on the Jets to offer him a better deal. After all, their offer is below the going rate for veteran starting quarterbacks.

It makes for an interesting case. Both have leverage, and lack leverage, to certain degrees. Fitz has played well for them, but it’s not as if teams have lined up to sign him for more money. The Jets need a quarterback, but they want to make sure they don’t get caught overpaying him.

With both sides holding steady, it makes sense for both sides to wiggle just enough to reach an agreement. Look for the Jets to increase their offer to Fitz but remain below his asking price. Such an arrangement would allow both to save face.

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