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Letters (July 24): Our readers speak out

Vesey watch is best part of slow sports summer

Regarding Buffalo sports, it is now officially “the dog days of summer.” We still have to wait a bit until Bills training camp begins, followed by the long, boring preseason mostly watching players who will be cut or riding the bench. Wake me up when the regular season starts. It’s two months before Sabres camp commences, and even the Olympics are two weeks away.

Understandably, the local media is beating the Jimmy Vesey situation to death. What else do they have to talk about? There will probably be a surprise team or two who will seriously join the sweepstakes on Aug. 15. But the prime contenders still appear to be Buffalo, Boston and Toronto. The decision will likely come down to family (Maple Leafs), hometown (Bruins) or good friend and talented young team (Sabres).

I’m being selfish, but I’m hoping that Vesey is writing down line combinations that would comprise the top two lines among Eichel, O’Reilly, Okposo, Reinhart, Kane and Vesey. I’m drooling as I’m writing these names.

Even if Vesey chooses not to come here, Tim Murray is doing a fine job of upgrading the roster for now and the future. I haven’t even mentioned Tyler Ennis, who is now healthy. Two years ago Ennis was considered our top long-term player. A lot has changed for the better since then.

Dennis Weber


It’s been a struggle for Bills, Yanks fan

These are tough times if you are a Bills or Yankee fan. Even tougher if you are a fan of both. I go back to the Mickey Mantle days with the Yanks and the Cookie Gilchrist days of the Bills. At this time of year I’m usually anxiously looking forward to the start of camp for the Bills and the playoff run for the Yankees. Not this year.

I don’t think I have ever been less optimistic about the Bills than this year. A questionable head coach, the team’s personnel mix, and the off the field antics have me already thinking about a 6-10 record and a possible top ten draft pick next April, not to mention a complete housecleaning including the hiring a top football executive.

As for the Yankees, there are already reports that their GM wants to begin trading off team assets for younger and hopefully future stars. So far team ownership has not reached this conclusion as the team’s record is hovering around .500 and wants to continue selling tickets.

So these are tough times for me as a sports fan and I’m hoping that I’m in for a surprise by one or both of the teams. I doubt it but I guess I can still hope.

Lou Speranza


Golfers not wrong to back out of Rio

I couldn’t believe the always dependable Mark Gaughan’s remarks in a recent Power Take declaring that the decision of the top four golfers in the world to back out of the upcoming Olympic Games was “Selfish.”

Who doesn’t know about the crime in Rio - even on the beaches - and the filth in the waters and elsewhere, and that doesn’t even take into consideration the current Zika Virus threat. Zip in and out of the Olympic games? It’s not a lunch date.

Does he know what the individual circumstances of each of the men are? As far as owing the game their attendance, they owe no such thing. Maybe next time the destination will be a worthy one.

Jim Kunz


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