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Letter: Some drivers create danger for law-abiding bicyclists

Some drivers create danger for law-abiding bicyclists

Whatever happened to people with common sense and common courtesy? It is not common anymore.

I have bicycled more than 70,000 miles since 2000. I have been hit by a car while I was in the crosswalk. I have had pop thrown at me. I have had cars play chicken with me, cut me off, not yield the right of way, come so close that their side mirror almost takes my head off, pull on the wrong side of the street to get their mail because they are too lazy to walk to get it.

Worst of all are the jerks that pass me and make a right turn into a driveway not considering that I may T-bone the car if they do not make it in before I get to the driveway.

I will bet these knucklehead drivers do not know that a bicycle has the same rights on the road that a car or truck does. Think not? Go check with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

It is a miracle I am still alive considering the many rude, inconsiderate and thoughtless drivers. I should get a special life insurance policy because of them.

John Lutz

Orchard Park

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