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Letter: America has two unworthy presidential candidates

America has two unworthy presidential candidates

What a wonderful country we have. Do we deserve the situation we find ourselves in? Shame on us all for allowing ourselves to be left in the position of having to elect an individual to represent us to the rest of the world who is totally unworthy.

One should lock himself in his Trump Tower with all who are forced to worship him and his gigantic ego because of family ties and run his own little kingdom.

The other candidate should gather her faithful followers, again family members, and find a desolate location and hone her computer skills along with many of her other lacking skills and try to run her own life and leave us alone.

After endless months of wasted time, this is what we’re left with. God save America.

Our country owes the world a huge apology for the sideshow we’ve let our cable news networks force on them by pandering to these two totally unworthy individuals.

Everyone search your soul and vote your conscience and forgo the “party line” for the good of America and the rest of the world that looks to us to lead. We have no option but to start from scratch. Obviously this goes for all the rest of our politicians who are running around trying to look at themselves in a mirror.

Frank Maddock


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