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Letter: Humans are the champs when it comes to slaughter

Humans are the champs when it comes to slaughter

One hundred, ninety-five in Turkey, 80 in France, hundreds in South Sudan, 49 in Orlando, numerous car bombs in selected cities in the Middle East exacting multiple appalling deaths, racial hatred resulting in insane losses on both sides. Is anyone safe anymore, anywhere?

Man continues to find all sorts of ways to depopulate the planet, to reduce his own kind through genocide.

I only know of a few insects that cannibalize their own kind and a few animals that prey on their young if left unprotected by their mothers, but for wholesale slaughter, we’re the champs.

When will we realize that the only race that matters is the human race. If we can’t live peacefully together, I really don’t wish to consider the alternative. Do you?

Scott Patterson


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