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Letter: Ginsburg’s comments call into question her judgment

Ginsburg’s comments call into question her judgment

A July 12 article appearing in The Buffalo News, reprinted from the New York Times, concerning an interview with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was very disturbing on many fronts.

In the interview the justice comments on subjects heretofore never publicly commented upon regarding presidential politics, possible new members of the Supreme Court and recent and pending cases. She opined on nominee Donald Trump stating her complete displeasure with the possibility of his election. She stated that the U.S. Senate is not doing its job in not holding hearings and a vote on President Obama’s nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, whom she called “super bright and very nice.”

These statements are extraordinary for a sitting justice to make. This shows bias that might well be held by others on the court, but do not show up in print.

I once was of the opinion that lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court is a good thing, since after taking a seat on the court the fear of losing it was minimal. I’m not so sure now. Maybe a 10-year term such as that of the FBI director would make more sense. That way the voters would be able to have an idea of what the court would look like.

It’s not that an 83-year-old such as Ginsburg can’t perform her duties. However, just by giving such a biased interview she has cast some doubt on her fairness as well as her ability.

Timothy B. O’Shei


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