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Letter: A new Humboldt Parkway could have a major impact

A new Humboldt Parkway could have a major impact

This past April, $6 million was set aside from the New York State budget for the long-awaited environmental impact study for Humboldt Parkway. As noise and air pollution continue to radiate from the Kensington Expressway, this new study will accompany the Restore Our Community Coalition’s mission to reclaim at least 14 acres of neighborhood greenspace.

Internal and external evidence shows that an all-new Humboldt Parkway will do more than pay for itself. The economic impact study conducted in cooperation with the University at Buffalo in 2014 highlights how a new Humboldt will increase property values, improve residential quality of life and spur new citywide investments for at least 30 years. Supporting this analysis are up to 21 case studies in other cities. Some, including Dallas’ Klyde Warren Park, Phoenix’s Margaret T. Hance Park and Seattle’s Jim Ellis Freeway Park, have helped once-struggling neighborhoods and districts re-establish themselves.

Closer to home, Rochester took the bold step of removing the Inner Loop from its urban core.

What real excuse do we have not to take action?

The City of Buffalo and the State of New York must commit to the standards set in other cities, as well as Buffalo using its own heritage to become a city worthy of honor and respect. We need a Humboldt Parkway that reflects the holistic philosophy it was built upon that brought different walks of life together.

The calls for change are all around us, and are here to stay.

Bradley J. Bethel Jr.


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