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Tips for dealing with a boil water advisory

1. Use boiled or bottled water for drinking, preparing food, making ice and brushing your teeth.

2. Bring water to a full, rolling boil for a full minute and cool it before using it.

3. To wash dishes, use water that’s been boiled, then mixed with a tablespoon of unscented bleach. Dishwashers are safe to use as long as the water gets to at least 170 degrees and includes a full dry cycle.

4. It’s safe to wash your clothes as long as you completely dry them before wearing.

5. It’s safe to bathe in the water as long as you don’t have open cuts or have a compromised immune system.

6. Washing your hands with soap and tap water is safe in most cases.

7. When the boil water notice is lifted, make sure to flush your pipes and faucets for a full five minutes. For automatic ice makers, throw out the first three batches of ice cubes and disinfect the ice bin. If the water line is longer that 20 feet, make and discard five batches. Also, replace disposable water filters.

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