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Letter: Classic cars make drivers want to take a second glance

Classic cars make drivers want to take a second glance

At this time of the year we see many of those yellow and black signs, “Watch out for motorcycles.” Well, I’ll suggest another sign we should see more of, “Watch out for classic cars.”

These are the cars 40 years and older. The unique design of each one makes it so easy to identify, unlike the car of today. These are classics, where most don’t have disc brakes, bright tail/brake lights, quick steering and are slow at starting and stopping ability.

I suggest, give them space and have patience. Marvel at the unparalleled appearance, the paint finish that may still look showroom new, the original interior upholstery and purr of the engine. Real steel body and chrome bumpers. Some models weighing up to two tons. Not the plastic, aluminum and fiberglass we see today.

If you have an opportunity to visit a car show this season, stop in and spend a little time to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into these beauties of yesterday.

So, when you come upon one of these old-timers, give it a thumbs up, a friendly wave or toot of the horn, and give it some space.

Anthony F. Frandina


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