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Letter: America has good reason to be skeptical about Trump

America has good reason to be skeptical about Trump

While the comments of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg about Donald Trump may have been politically incorrect, I applaud her candor for being right on the money. I especially loved her poke at his refusal to release his income tax returns, something no presidential candidate has failed to do in over 40 years. His lack of transparency on this issue begs the question, what is he hiding?

This candidate has been insulting candidates and people on a daily basis since he started his campaign.

He has referred to a woman he doesn’t care for as a pig and slob, mocked a disabled man at one of his rallies, called a debate moderator a bimbo when he didn’t care for her line of questioning, said presidential candidate John McCain was not a war hero because he was captured, offered to pay legal fees for a fan who punched a protester at one of his raucous rallies, incorrectly accused an American-born judge of being Mexican and then questioned if he could be totally unbiased in the Trump University fraud case he was overseeing, and made an insensitive Twitter comment congratulating himself about radical terrorism the day after the Orlando massacre.

His insults on the campaign trail and Twitter are comical, as most independent fact checkers label his statements as mostly false or “pants on fire” false. As a matter of fact, he has more “pants on fire” statements than all the presidential candidates combined. He has flip-flopped on abortion, his stance on the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, torture, immigration, gun control, a Muslim ban and even his opponent in the election, Hillary Clinton.

Obviously it is my opinion that a Trump presidency would hardly make America great again.

Russell Dye

East Amherst

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