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City Hallways (July 21) The stories of Father Joe and Lt. Otwell

father joeIMG_6318

Pictured above, with Mayor Brown, is Father Joe, to the left,  shaking the hand of Fire Lt. James O. Otwell, the new head of the city's Fire Investigations Unit.

There's couple stories that go with the picture.

First, about the man called Father Joe.

He attended the promotional ceremony for Lt. Otwell and two new deputy fire commissioners - Capt. Vincent Muscarella and Lt.  Jonathan  Eaton - Wednesday.

With the sun beating down on the dry grass, Father Joe started out saying that some asked him to pray for good weather because the promotional ceremony was outside Wednesday. Others however, asked him to pray for rain because we haven't had much lately.

So in his opening prayer, Father Joe expressed thanks for the nice weather.
And when the ceremony ended, he proclaimed it was OK now to rain.

And Part 2

This part is about Lt. Otwell.

For months now, I've been hearing about Lt. Otwell from rank-and-file firefighters hoping to see Otwell get a leadership post in the Fire Department.

They spoke about Otwell with pride, talking about his 20 years with the Fire Department, and  25 years with the military,  that included his leading multinational teams in reconstruction of war-torn and developing countries including Iraq, where he earned two superior service awards as a lieutenant colonel  in the Army Reserves.

Neighborhood News

  •  Food store license approved for Myanmar Chin Family Convenience Store, 833 Tonawanda St.
  • Food store license approved for SN Grocery, 139 Vermont
  • Sidewalk cafe permit requested for for Block's Restaurant, 1607 Hertel Ave.
  • Sidewalk cafe license requested for  NYE Park Tavern, 1672 Elmwood.
  • Food truck license requested for Anderson's Custard.

Cleveland Chronicles

Latest from Bob McCarthy and Jerry Zremski. Interesting stories, one with a New York perspective, and another following the money.

Today's Calendar Items:

Zombie homes hotline topic of press conference this morning by Sen. Tim Kennedy and Assemblyman Mickey Kearns.

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