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Letter: Religion cannot be removed from America’s core values

Religion cannot be removed from America’s core values

A Harvard professor recently stated, “If you take away religion, you can’t hire enough police.” That got me thinking about our current social problems. Religion was important to our Founding Fathers, so it was woven into our American values.

I remember as a child learning to obey the Ten Commandments and to respect the law. I taught the same to our children and to each student that entered my classroom. Going to a place of worship that inspires us to live a life that honors American values makes for a better society. Religion forms a conscience and that conscience affects how we behave.

Of course, there are those who use their religion as an excuse to harm others. All the more, we need to fill our places of worship and recognize that a peaceful religion is very much a part of being an American.

Delphine Levesque


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