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Letter: News column, article speak to the core of nation’s discord

News column, article speak to the core of nation’s discord

The July 14 edition of the News was stunning. First, Rod Watson’s column recounting heart-rending comments from students in a Black Lives Matter course at the University at Buffalo this summer should be required reading for all Americans. The cries of pain and outrage captured in the voices of these students attest to their ability to zero in on the core of racial injustice. I fervently hope they keep speaking out so that they may teach us all to see ourselves “face to face,” as the saying goes. Thanks to Watson and the course creator, SUNY Buffalo State associate professor Beth Hinderliter, for creating an environment for this to occur.

That same News issue contained a front-page article describing how presidential candidate Donald Trump’s language choices are opening further the racial divide in this country. The entire article is crucially important, but one line in particular struck me. It stated that the attitude of racial distrust and separation layered within Trump’s tweets and speeches allows white Americans license to feel “… that an America without them at its center is not really America anymore.” This unbuttoning of the concept that the world is a scary place for white people unless they maintain control of the levers of society is the linchpin of bigotry. It is also, I believe, one of the perverted supporting beams of the Trump campaign and must not just be rejected at the Nov. 8 election, but crushed.

Judith Geer


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