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Letter: Amherst taxpayers got stuck paying the Republican’s price

Amherst taxpayers got stuck paying the Republican’s price

I noted with interest the June 30 letter, “Amherst taxpayers paying for Town Board’s mistakes.” The writer’s comments reflect the hypocritical stance taken by the Republican minority on the Town Board.

When the Republicans were in the majority, they used outside counsel on personal injury cases, bond matters and tax issues and taxpayers paid their fees. The prior Republican majority’s choice of outside counsel often favored political friends, but not always the most competent to protect the town and its taxpayers. Republican-retained counsel cost Amherst taxpayers $4 million for the judgment and interest in the Acquest Development suit.

Town Supervisor Barry Weinstein has said that residents will see their taxes increase because the town lost the Acquest case. The prior Republican majority’s poor decisions in hiring outside counsel and inadequate representation – at a $4 million cost to taxpayers – should not continue.

Amherst voters wisely chose a new direction. The Democratic Town Board majority was absolutely right to replace the previous town attorneys and should select new outside counsel in an attempt to avoid other multimillion-dollar losses.

John Medwid


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