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Five takeaways from the second day of the RNC

1. It’s Donald Trump’s party now. Tuesday was the night that Republican delegates finally made the brash businessman their presidential nominee. Best of all for Trump, it happened with little drama. A day after “Never Trump” forces failed to win a floor fight in a last-ditch effort to upend Trump’s nomination, the roll call of states proceeded without protest. So the second night of the conversation began with a unity lacking on the first night.

2. Words matter. The eerie similarity between Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech and Melania Trump’s in 2016 dominated the news Tuesday, as well it should have. It is unclear who might have been at fault but this was plagiarism, a clear-cut example of one speechwriter copying the work of another. And it ruined the Trump campaign’s introduction of the potential first lady to a country that barely knows her.

3. Campaigns matter. Donald Trump won the GOP nomination without a real campaign, and he seems to think he can win the presidency, too, without a deep, talented staff. In the modern era of big money campaigns, it’s never been done. A deep and talented campaign staff would have vetted Melania Trump’s speech – and fixed it.

4. Trump craves the spotlight. Yes, that’s sort of like saying “Buffalo is snowy in January” or “O.J. Simpson is no longer thought of first and foremost as a Buffalo Bills legend.” But what other presidential nominee ever agreed to appear four times at his own convention? None. No presidential candidate ever so wanted to be the center of attention.

5. This convention is boring. Trump promised to add some “showbiz” to the convention, and he did, when he took to the stage Monday and appeared Tuesday in a video. But other than that, most of the speakers talk as if they are reading the phone book to a television audience. One glaring exception: Donald Trump Jr., who delivered a more compelling speech Tuesday than his father ever has.

– Jerry Zremski

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