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What to look for at the Republican Convention today

What to look for at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday:

Paul Ryan’s alternate vision: As the GOP barrels toward nominating Donald Trump for president, a prominent but reluctant supporter – House Speaker Paul Ryan – will speak to the convention. Look for a speech that shows a friendlier Republican face – one that may run for president in 2020 or 2024.

The return of Dr. Ben Carson: A compelling speaker (but a terrible debater and interview subject), Carson wowed Republicans for a while with his earnest, heartfelt call for conservative reform. He will get to explain Tuesday night his support for a very different sort of candidate – one who, during the primaries, called Carson’s up-from-the-bottom life story “crap.”

Chris Christie, jilted: No one invested more political capital in hopes of being Trump’s vice president than the New Jersey governor – so no one lost more when Trump opted for Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. So what sort of pose will Christie strike when he takes the stage tonight? Will he look as wounded as he obviously must be?

It’s all about jobs: Tuesday night’s theme is “Make American Work Again,” and the question is whether the message – that Trump’s eclectic mix of tax cuts and tariffs and torn-up trade deals – can bring the delegates back together again after Monday’s ugly floor fight between Trump supporters and the “Never Trump” crowd. Then again, maybe nothing can bring the two sides together.

Chris Collins in the spotlight: The Republican from Clarence – the first member of the House to endorse Trump – gets a short but sweet spot on the schedule, delivering a three-minute speech seconding Trump’s nomination for president. Collins says he plans to talk about how bad trade deals have hurt Western New York as well as the fight against ISIS. What? No Lean Six Sigma?

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