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Let's revisit Donald Trump's unbelievable convention entrance

No other presidential candidate could pull off such a stunt.

But they aren't Donald Trump -- a businessman who could take an entrance reserved for rock stars, wrestlers and runway models and make it suit him.

Trump broke tradition by showing up at the Republican National Convention before the last day in order to introduce the keynote speaker, his wife, Melania. But it's how he showed up that had social media lighting up with both approving and mocking commentary.

Trump's entrance was singular. The arena went dark. Trump stepped on stage as a sillouette, backlit with "We are the Champions" blaring in the background. The fact that the audience immediately recognized his stocky, suited outline and went wild is a testament to how deep his image has sunk in the public consciousness.


The truth is undeniable. Love him or hate him, Trump stands in a class of his own. And his ego is part of a well-loved persona by his supporters.

Imagine his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton, attempting to pull off such an over-the-top entrance. Or the last Republican nominee, Mitt Romney. Or any other politician you could name. The public would be outraged: How dare she be so self aggrandizing? Who does he think he is?

But when it's Donald Trump, you get tweets like this:

Of course, Trump's backlit entrance gave plenty of fodder for his critics to work with, too. And many were quite clever about it.



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