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Letter: Some people show little respect for fellow citizens

Some people show little respect for fellow citizens

Judging by the number of cigarette butts and other spewed litter cast onto my frontage, requiring a daily cleanup, I am forced to conclude that liberal attitudes are anything but the basis for a lasting America. In fact, it reaffirms increased decay of our republic.

Unfortunately it takes more than the excitement, shock and awe of July Fourth’s exploding fireworks to show appreciation for the independence we enjoy living in this country. I’m reminded of the billboard ads decades ago of a Native American tearfully surveying the landscape of this once-great gift. In those tears I’m sure he was not only saddened by what his eyes were seeing but aware of how few in this land have any recollection of past teachings or thoughts regarding our Declaration of Independence.

Or more recent occasions reflecting on the importance of the first document our history’s patriots created and how they set aside their personal ambitions for the good of this land and its people. Pity, our record of such social pitfalls will be our undoing.

Joseph Coia

West Seneca

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