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Clinton supporters in Cleveland promise 'very clear' contrast in Philadelphia

CLEVELAND — As the Republican National Convention opened here Monday morning, a trio of notable Hillary Clinton supporters gathered for a press conference just down the street.

Touting the pro-Clinton, pro-Democrat slogan “Better Than This,” former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland was joined by Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Arizona).

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“Donald Trump is unfit through experience and temperament to be commander in chief,” said Strickland, a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Strickland pointed out that many powerful Ohio Republicans, including former presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich – who unseated Strickland as Ohio’s governor – are avoiding Trump and the convention.

Schultz, who is a congresswoman from Florida, promised a more unified showing in Philadelphia, where the Democratic National Convention begins next week.

“The contrast will be very clear in terms of how we are going to build on the success that we’ve had under President Obama,” she said.

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