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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• 3242 Lower Mountain Road, Dennis Schaff; Gail D. Schaff to Sherry L. Park; William M. Park, $169,000.


• Bk L, John F. Halpin; Richard F. May to Jacqueline Rapp; Michael Rapp, $375,000.

• Ridge Road & Creek Road Ext, Joanne Gordon; Barbara J. Kozlowski to Heidi Kozlowski, $162,750.

• North 9th St., Jack B. Farrell; Jack B. Farrell Jr.; Jerald J. Farrell; Jody Farrell Krueger to Joshua L. Kline, $130,000.

• Pletcher Road, John R. Kloosterman; Kristen J. Kloosterman; Paul A. Kloosterman to Christopher Schulz, $112,500.

• 32 Garden Ln & Mohawk St. & Oxbow Lane, Oxbow Development Corp to Anita A. Juliano; David Juliano, $80,222.


Highest price: $920,000 Average price: $147,897 Median price: $75,000 Number of Sales: 11

• 115 & 275 & 337 & 345 High St., Teddy L. Ackley; Teddy L. Ackley Jr. to Jijtsr Properties, $920,000.

• Howard Ave., Bridget A. Kern to Garrett Hart; Nicole L. Hart, $108,000.

• 182 Irving St., Ida R. Quade; Renna M. Evelyn; Mary Evelyn Renna to First Niagara Bank NA, $90,000.

• 295 Union St., Maurice S. Channer to First Niagara Bank NA, $81,191.

• Spring St., Danielle Holzman; Danielle Morreale; Matthew D. Morreale to Ryan Difilippo, $79,500.

• Weld St., William E. Wood to Salvatore V. Angelo, $75,000.

• Waterman St., Justin Bedford to Coy A. Page; Stacy L. Page, $75,000.

• 529 Prospect St., Crysta L. Booth; Crysta L. Root to Melissa A. Mcmurray, $65,920.

• 1 Willow St Unit 7, Sharon E. Garlock to Lsf9 Master Participation; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $65,389.

• East Ave., Solid Ground Concrete Inc to Solid Ground Distribution Corp, $37,967.

• 206 Green St., Fannie Mae to John M Pfeil Trust, $28,900.


• 6388 Green Valley Lane, Perry Burnett; Barbara R. Elliott to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $186,868.

• Royal Pkwy South, Jeffery Mangus to Lisa M. Seifert, $140,000.

• Kinne Road, Kathleen I. Burke; Thomas F. Burke to Erica M. Conjerti; Stephen S. Conjerti, $54,000.


• 5651 West Bluff, Carol E. Mcintosh; Randall A. Mcintosh to Michael W. Finley, $410,000.

• 6095 Walnut St., Richard Hammond; Richard L. Hammond to HUD, $205,034.

• Dale Road, Susan E. Everett; Phillip M. Rowland; Virginia Rowland; William R. Rowland to Paul E. Harvey; Wreath H. Siebert-Harvey, $140,000.


Highest price: $140,000 Average price: $50,132 Median price: $40,000 Number of Sales: 13

• 5520 Grauer Road, Martin J Coyne Revocable Living Trust; Barbara A. Lange; Gregory J. Lange to Jacob Myles; President Myles, $140,000.

• 2414 Cleveland Ave., Richard H. Kistela to Pennymac Holdings, $80,121.

• 78th St., Anita L. Shepard; Michael J. Shepard to Catherine R. Turner; Michael A. Turner, $75,000.

• 1319 Niagara Ave., DHGF to Cahak Company, $66,800.

• 442 18th St., DHGF to Cahak Company, $61,950.

• North Ave., Leo L. Bax; Sylvia M. Bax to Grace M. Rulli, $52,344.

• 7th St., Wnw Services to Niagara Frontier Regional Development Inc, $40,000.

• 1952 Cudaback Ave., Piffy to Equity Trust Co -Cust; Kevin Seaman Ira, $38,000.

• 208 80th St., Equity Trust Co -Cust; Gabriela Ressler Ira to Kevlola, $27,000.

• Chestnut Ave., Alan W. Lusk to Nicholas J. George, $24,500.

• Ashland Ave & 15th St., Darren Quinn to Attilo J. Celotto, $19,000.

• 15th St., Dumiana Inc to Robert E. Starr III, $15,000.

• 19th St & Walnut Ave., Gail Delzoppo; Joseph A. Demonte to Ronald E. Cunningham, $12,000.


Highest price: $640,000 Average price: $192,644 Median price: $150,000 Number of Sales: 9

• Mead St., Base Real Estate to Anmar Properties, $640,000.

• Homestead Drive, David M. Sandarelli; Donna Sandarelli; Michael Sandarelli to Erin M. Hooley; Joseph C. Hooley, $175,000.

• 1520 Cambridge Ave., Michael D. Mayville to Laura M. Burns; Philip D. Burns, $168,500.

• 10belmont Ct East, Cathleen A. Chretien; Donald L. Chretien to Ana M. Salgado; Michael Taylor, $151,000.

• Payne Ave & Willow Ave., Payne Ave. Christian Church Disciples of Christ to Redeemed Christian Church of God Foundation of Restoration Inc, $150,000.

• Ward Road, Cindy Hosmer to Jennifer L. Mitchell-Vanhoff, $122,300.

• 177 Taber Place, Richard S. Chapman; Shyla M. Chapman to Mary Jane Mccraith, $122,000.

• North Ave., Dorothy M. Durick; Vincent J. Durick to Michael P. Sciria; Michelle L. Sciria, $120,000.

• Jackson Ave., Scott Weber to Keric P. Montero, $85,000.


• Paddock Ridge, Majestic Woods Development to Debra L. Korpolinski; Edward Korpolinski, $459,798.

• Devonshire Lane, Nvr Inc; Ryan Homes of New York to Krystal R. Burns; Justin K. Hough, $308,670.

• Devonshire Lane, Nvr Inc; Ryan Homes of New York to Robert Hoffman, $274,750.

• Beach Ridge Road, Debra A. Schrott; Jeffrey W. Schrott to Patrick L. Goldsmith, $180,000.


• River Road & Riverview Dr & 3rd St & Walnut Drive, Mary Charlotte Birch; Alice J. Walker to Darrell G. Smith; Sally M. Smith, $179,000.

• Cain Road, Linda J. Hurtgam; Russell S. Hurtgam to Robert B. Linton Jr., $135,150.


• 4454 Central Ave., Jennifer Mccartin; Robert Mccartin to Bank of New York Mellon, $150,963.


• Samantha Court, Deborah Jean Filler; Deborah J. Milano to Jonathan W. Penvose, $187,620.

• 6116 Shawnee Road, Brett A. Dubois; Valerie M. Dubois to Lsf8 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $138,055.

• 3773 Lockport Road, Melanie M. Berent; Marian E. Forth to Stacy J. Ellis, $73,000.

• Lockport Road, Western New York Property Holdings Inc to Unisource Realty, $60,000.

• Slusaric Road, Walter T. Cholewa; Ann Marie Zymroz to David Homebuilder Inc; David Homes, $40,000.


• Mchesney St & Cherry St., Charles H. Hageman; Linda J. Hageman to Michele L. Wilson, $111,000.

• Lake St., Celeste Crawford to Dale R. Myers, $70,000.

• Wilcox St & Cooper St., Kathleen A. Dixon; Keith B. Dixon to Savana L. Bevacqua, $24,500.