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Letter: View on Founders’ beliefs must be more considered

View on Founders’ beliefs must be more considered

After reading Zach Krajacic’s July 3 Another Voice regarding the well-being of our country and the importance of religion and morality to ensure it, I had to think that the author believes that formation of our country came out of a partnership between the Founders and their Christian God.

Many believe the constitution of the United States is a divinely inspired work dictated by their God and penned on parchment by humans lucky enough to hear his voice.

Then a day later Doug Turner shines a light on the fact that these same Founders preserved and promoted slavery by protecting it in the Constitution. Was the Christian God who inspired our Founding Fathers a proponent of slavery? I think those who feel the Constitution was inspired by Christianity need to explain how slavery was a feature of good Christianity.

The next time someone says that our country is a Christian country founded on Christian values they should be challenged to explain how the issue of slavery fits in that scenario. If slavery was a Christian value then how do you explain its demise in the United States? Is this another example of how our country has taken yet another turn for the worse?

If you believe that slavery was inspired by God and implemented by man then surely its demise means man has acted against God’s wishes. I think the most likely explanation is that it is wrong to believe that our country was founded on solely Christian values in the absence of any human faults.

Dan Bailey

East Aurora