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Letter: Deciding not to vote is the wrong choice

Deciding not to vote is the wrong choice

The Constitution is a document that protects the people of the United States from the government. The president swears to defend it. Yes, it’s that important. As our liberties are constantly being taken away by politicians of both parties, the people must start to realize this and do something. Thrilled by Trump or Clinton? Hardly!

However, Trump says he will appoint judges who believe in the rule of law while Clinton does not like to use that “Constitution” word. While a successful politician will be around for no more then eight years as president, the appointments to the land’s highest court is generational and can serve 20 to 30 years or even longer.

The liberals and some Republicans have tried for years to take our guns, have successfully allowed our unborn to be terminated and have allowed the government to spy on its citizens without warrants and many more unconstitutional programs.

So the people who say never Trump and don’t plan to vote for any candidate had better wake up, because who knows if the future is where an agent will come up to you on any street in America and say, “papers please.”

Ronald Hensel