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Letter: Allow other ideas to flow on Buffalo’s Olmsted Park

Allow other ideas to flow on Buffalo’s Olmsted Park

In the biography of Frederick Law Olmsted, “Genius of Place,” Buffalo is singled out as the only city that conscientiously followed Olmsted’s plan for its park system. Now, a question comes to mind that I have not seen addressed in the articles about Kevin Gaughan’s proposal to have his brother’s employer, Jack Nicklaus, work on redesigning the Delaware Park golf course.

Aren’t the park and the golf course public property, supported by taxpayer dollars? Other public projects have to be put out for bid. Why not this one? All of the articles about Gaughan’s proposal make it sound like this partnership with Nicklaus is a done deal. It’s an odd pivot from a man who touts responsible government.

Surely, there are other businesses that are qualified to bid on a project of this magnitude. Let’s not settle on the first offer until we see what else is proposed. We owe it to Mr. Olmsted to follow the right path.

Carolyn Gierke