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Letter: Councilman has long worried over street’s infrastructure

Councilman has long worried over street’s infrastructure

I read with great interest the July 9 front page article in The News regarding death threats against Buffalo police. In that article there is a quote by Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux, who identifies herself as a leader of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Martin-Bordeaux’s statement in the article that my response to the tragic death of the toddler on Moselle Street “shows a disconnect because the real issue (is) the crumbling infrastructure” is completely and demonstrably false. In fact, News reporter Susan Schulman in her July 6 article about the tragedy correctly noted that I vociferously spoke out about fixing the damaged sidewalks on Moselle Street because I was forced to walk in the street when I was campaigning there in July of last year.

Moreover, the resolution I sponsored about Moselle Street at the July 5 Common Council meeting clearly makes fixing those sidewalks a priority so people don’t have to walk in the street. This resolution was alluded to in Schulman’s article. Fixing the sidewalks and infrastructure on Moselle Street was a huge, if not primary , focus of my remarks and resolution. I also said we need a multipronged approach on fixing problems on Moselle, including traffic-calming measures and ticketing speeders. This, in fact, was ordered by the mayor.

I myself witnessed how fast some irresponsible motorists tear down this and other streets. I certainly did not, as Martin-Bordeaux alleges, “criminalize the people who drive through the neighborhood, instead of addressing the issue of replacing the sidewalks.”

If she had read my resolution or heard my comments on the Council floor addressing Moselle Street, or read Schulman’s article, she would know that fixing the sidewalks on Moselle and elsewhere is a top priority for me. I also believe that people who selfishly put peoples’ lives in danger by illegally racing beyond the speed limit should be stopped and ticketed by the police department.

Dave Franczyk


Fillmore District