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Letter: Lack of computer training could be blamed for scandal

Lack of computer training could be blamed for scandal

I have been reading articles and listening to TV news about the so-called Clinton email scandal. It must be that I am the only person that does not hold Hillary Clinton responsible for classified material being sent to her server.

As with every business, when new people are on board they are trained on what they can and can’t do on the company’s computer systems. The government should have been doing the same for all newly elected or appointed persons. I can’t understand why the sender would send any documents to someone unless they knew for sure that the receiver’s server had been approved.

At the time that Hillary was receiving those messages there were probably many high-level people receiving the same thing on their own servers. Where are those investigations? Where are the investigations into the senders of the information?

I find this very one-sided and I can’t understand why it has not been reported by the news media. This issue is not just about Clinton, but the safety of our country. Those who are against Hillary Clinton are just using this issue against her for political gain.

I would like to know how many others have disregarded the rules regarding this subject.

Joan Turrell