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Letter: St. Vincent de Paul camp is worth trying to save

St. Vincent de Paul camp is worth trying to save

Congratulations to The Buffalo News for its two recent articles about the closing of St. Vincent de Paul camp. Unfortunately, it’s like going to a wake and saying nice things about a friend you haven’t talked about in years.

However, the most recent article was correct. There are a lot of specialized camps devoted to sports, science, theater and such. But how many camps, like SVC, are devoted to just plain fun, companionship and patriotism, and offer an opportunity to pray.

For your information, a group of us have been dedicating months of time and effort toward a camp reunion scheduled for Aug. 6 and beginning with Mass at 4 p.m. (This was all being done prior to knowledge of the closing). Maybe then, creative heads will come together and think of ways to save the camp.

As in most of these cases, it’s the kids (no matter how few hundreds) that lose out. Please, don’t let that happen.

Sue and Tony Buttino Sr.

Members, SVC camp advisory committee

West Seneca