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Droughted out? Watch a waterfall you could name after yourself

Potential land conservancy donors have been good natured about the dry, water-free view of Jackson Falls in this summer's drought. Instead they're relying on YouTube videos taken when water was flowing this spring.

To get a look at the falls the Western New York Land Conservancy is willing to sell naming rights to for $100,000 each,

Here's the lower falls:

And the upper falls:

"The waterfalls are gorgeous. Most people are attracted to waterfalls," said Development Director Jajean Rose-Burney. "It is one of the main reasons this land is worth protecting."

The falls are the prized features of 57 acres on Hubbard Road in Aurora that the family of a late Roycrofter is trying to sell. The Western New York Land Conservancy has been working to raise $600,000 and buy the land by an October deadline. So far 124 donors pledged $411,000, the Conservancy said Thursday.

Sometime in the 1920s, the land was bought Cecil Jackson, owner of a defunct but beloved bowling alley on Whaley Avenue and the banker for the Roycroft artisan community before it closed and went bankrupt during the Depression.

"I think everyone I’ve taken to the site gets a kick out of it," said Rose-Burney. "We’re protecting nature and nature changes you have droughts and that’s just the way it is."

The land conservancy posted a few more videos here.


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