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Newfane burglar pleads guilty, enters drug treatment

LOCKPORT – A Newfane man with two prior felony convictions will try to break his drug addiction after pleading guilty to another felony Wednesday.

State Supreme Court Justice Richard C. Kloch Sr. assigned Dereck Y. Ford, 38, of Main Street, to the judicial diversion program of court-supervised drug treatment after he admitted to third-degree burglary for breaking into a house on Akron Road in Royalton April 15.

Ford, whose record also includes 18 misdemeanor convictions, risks up to seven years in state prison if he fails in diversion. But his charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor with a nonjail sentence if he succeeds in becoming clean and sober.

Ford served six months in state prison for burglary in 2000, and 27 months, starting in 2011, for auto theft.