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Letter: Ali is a hero for several reasons outside the ring

Ali is a hero for several reasons outside the ring

A July 2 letter writer thinks “Ali was not a hero.” I beg to differ. My Uncle George explained why Rocky Marciano was a better boxer, and maybe so. They never fought. They were different generations.

A devout Muslim, Ali refused to fight in Vietnam. He said that war was “kill, kill, kill.” He could not support that. Incredibly, as ISIS terrorism raged during the weeks around Ali’s death, I did not hear or read one commentary about how devout Muslims hate killing. Perhaps I missed one.

Ali’s eccentricity sometimes disguised his intelligence. When he was a guest on William Buckley’s television show, “Firing Line,” I wondered how Ali would fare. Buckley was super smart. My opinion of the debate: it was a draw. Ali more than held his own. Ali was super smart too.

Ali used his fame to build bridges, to bring people together. He continued to do those things long after his disability would have knocked out most people. Muhammad Ali will always be one of my heroes.

Lynda Stephens