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Jim Kelly clarifies comments on Rex Ryan, describes cancer surgery and pleads for Tom Brady to retire

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly was in New York City just five days ago to undergo a biopsy to see if his cancer had returned.

His wife, Jill, shared the good news via an Instagram post that preliminary results from that test showed no sign of the cancer returning.

On Monday, Kelly was on the opposite coast, traveling to Los Angeles for Peyton Manning's retirement party. While on the West Coast, the Buffalo Bills' great paid a visit to the Rich Eisen Show. During his appearance, Kelly was given the opportunity to clarify his comments from last month.

During a June 9 appearance on The Jim Rome show, Kelly said that if the Bills miss the playoffs in 2016, "I think Rex will probably be looking for another job. I think everybody knows that, including Rex.”

On Monday, Eisen asked Kelly if that was a "true reading" of what he said.

"To a certain point, but the thing is, I get so frustarted sometimes with cut and paste. They put out what they want people to hear," Kelly said.

At that point, Eisen gave Kelly the opportunity to fully explain his comments.

"The bottom line is, I think any coach in the NFL, you don't win, you're not going to be around very long. But with Rex, Rex is a great coach. I hope he's around for 20 years," Kelly said. "But with our team last year, probably the last couple years, we've had star players, but when most of them are in their getting rehab and they're not on the field playing, it doesn't matter who you are, your job is going to be on the line.

"But Rex is a great football coach. I've never once said that he wasn't a good football coach. I hope he can do it. He's got the players this year. I think you keep Tyrod Taylor healthy ... we have a very good chance, because our defense is pretty solid. We have some weapons on offense. I'm excited about this year. I'm excited about what Rex brings, I just hope that they stay healthy so that he can be here for 10 or 15 more years."

Kelly then joking said it's time for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to retire, punctuating it with a "please."

" I think we have the team to do it, I really do," he said. "And Rex does too. I am very good friends with Rex. Yeah, probably maybe went a little overboard by saying what I said, but you know what, the thing is, it doesn't matter who you are. You don't win, and you have a good football team – but if they're spending most of their time getting rehab and not on the football field – it doesn't matter who you are, sooner or later that's going to wear on your job. But I love Rex. I hope they turn things around."

Kelly went on to compliment owners Terry and Kim Pegula for "bringing the right people in," before getting back to Brady.

"I hope we unseat that guy named Tom Brady sooner than later because I'll tell you what, enough's enough," he said with a laugh. "You've already broken the records. You're already the greatest quarterback ever to play the game. But I respect him. I like Tom, he's a good friend of mine, but it's time to change."

On a more serious note, Kelly explained how he needs an MRI every three months for the rest of his life to see whether his cancer has returned.

During his most recent one, doctors could not tell what they were seeing, so they eventually ordered the biopsy.

"Where my cancer was, if it moves just a tiny bit ... towards the area where there's no return, it stays then there's no turning back," Kelly said. "So they wanted to make sure that it was nothing. Thank God it came back that it's just a real heavy build up of scar tissue and I'm good for the next three months."

He also described the biopsy in excruciating detail.

"Going to the dentist and ripping your gums apart – that's pretty much what they do," he said. "They take chunks of your inner skin, in your mouth way in the back where my cancer was, they just chop away and send them off to a lab and hopefully the tests come back negative, which they did."

As awful as that sounds, Kelly said his travels have shown him there are always people who have it worse.

"I don't complain, because I'm so blessed," he said. "I have great family support. My wife, God bless her, my two daughters and my five brothers. When you're in a hospital and you look at people who don't have that, I can understand why some people have tough days."

Kelly said he asked his wife not to post anything to social media about his most recent medical treatment, but her respons was "you need as many people praying for you as possible."

"Which is true, but I don't like airing all my laundry out," Kelly said. "It's sometimes like, 'ok Jill, enough.' It bums me out sometimes, but I do understand that she's right pretty much most of the time."


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