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Letter: Do not ruin Outer Harbor in favor of a private project

Do not ruin Outer Harbor in favor of a private project

Thank you to the petitioners of the lawsuit requesting a temporary restraining order against beginning construction of the “folly” being planned on the Outer Harbor.

Hopefully the citizens of Buffalo and the powers that be will listen to these very knowledgeable petitioners and rethink allowing this top-heavy, sore-thumb-looking structure to be built. This is not smart use of the land as it serves only a few. Harbors and water must serve all the people. This building belongs in the center city, where supportive infrastructure already exists.

Keeping the Outer Harbor a place for nature and people, instead of for a money-driven developer, would be a much more caring as well as aesthetic use of land and money. This tower will not draw tourists, but when they are here they will wonder what this ugly thing is standing out there all by itself.

I wrote individual letters to each of the Common Council members and to Mayor Byron W. Brown asking them to not approve this greedy venture, and now request that they please re-read it. Allowing this building just says that the efforts of all who spent five years developing a new Green Code wasted their time. Ask yourselves what is best for your citizenry and not what is best for greed, as this tower is all about greed. Keep in mind that Niagara Falls is taking out roadway, all along the gorge, so the people can connect with their water.

Let us, the folks that like our new harbor, not sit back and ask only a few to save it for us. Let us speak up right now before it is too late.

Evelyn Malone