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City Hallways (July 11) They light up our lives


At Crescent off Colvin, similar to poles on Tillinghast

My light pole tour

While biking around North Buffalo this weekend,  I started paying attention to street light poles, and noticed the different types in different neighborhoods.

I guess it's been on my mind ever since Niagara Councilman Dave Rivera commented on how much nicer the new street lamp posts on Niagara Street are compared to those in Niagara Square.

The nicest ones I spotted during my  bike ride were on  Tillinghast and Crescent off Colvin. The lamp posts are the "London Fog" ones (my description, not an official one) also seen in Delaware Park.  But it looks like the residents, perhaps, on Tillinghast and Crescent, added some plant hangers.


Light pole on my street, and nearby streets, north of Hertel near Parkside

I also noticed during my ride that lamp posts on the Hertel strip were a bit more embellished than those on Parkside and Colvin.  The lamp poles on my street, north of Hertel near Parkside, like other streets in the area, aren't as ornate as the "London Fog" ones.  More like what I'm describing as a "Paul Revere" style lamp.

I'll be riding around other city neighborhoods on my light pole tour in future weeks.

Numbers nerd

Interesting year-to-year comparison I noticed when looking at city payroll data on City Comptroller Mark Schroeder's Web page. It shows regular time payroll is up, and overtime down in the fiscal  year that ended June 30 - presumably a reflection, in  part, of more people on the payroll.

Here's the numbers:

Regular time,  fiscal year 2014-15: $140.54 million
Regular time,  fiscal  year 2015-16: $148.25 million

Overtime, fiscal year 2014-15: $33.18 million
Overtime, fiscal year 2015-16: $29.96 million

The Council president preacher

I almost instinctively checked Darius Pridgen's Facebook page to see if  the Council  President/Pastor posted anything on the fatal shootings of two black men - one in  Louisiana, the other in  Minneapolis - and then of five white Dallas police officers.

"My heart is broken," Pridgen said in his posted video, "for all who are now planning  funerals instead of  futures."

"We have so much in common," Pridgen said of police officers and African -American males. "We leave the house every day, both of us, not knowing whether we are going to return."

"The officer who shot Alton, the officer who shot Philando, from everything we see," Pridgen  said, "are wrong. But the man who shot the five officers, wrong."

"I'm not here carrying the flag for anybody," Pridgen said.  "I'm here cause I don't want to carry the casket."

Pridgen's Facebook page is public, so you can watch the whole video there. It was posted July 8. He calls the post  "still numb."


As Donn Esmonde suggested in his Sunday column, Pridgen is inviting the Buffalo area community to Niagara Square 5 p.m. Tuesday  to remember those who died in these recent shootings.

Today's Calendar  Items

Mayor Brown will  join others, including a delegation from Buffalo Sister City Changzhou, China, for a ceremonial tree planting this afternoon at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.

Planning Board this  afternoon

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